"Its Fall Ya'll" 09-28-19

Guys, WE LOVE FALL. Last night we spent cuddled up around a fire at a nearby campground while listening to our favorite tunes. I also spent a few hours hand cutting chain and gluing end hooks on for Swarovski bracelets and necklaces at the picnic table. My love for jewelry making never stops.. (even when we are traveling!)

Each week I spend my time making lists, placing orders, creating custom items and seeing what else Id like to bring to the shop. After transitioning over to a new platform in July and bringing you many new products, I can't help but always call my Swarovski Jewelry my first & forever love. Over the next few weeks I can't wait to fill each and every one of these chains with beautiful crystals that I hope you'll enjoy.

That being said I would LOVE to hear what you would new things you'd like to see or old items to restock. (colors, themes, styles, etc.)

Thank you for always supporting me & shopping small <3

Xoxo Floorboard Findings, Maria

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